About Isabel

isabel-gainford-1156-lres-2Isabel Gainford lives and breathes branding. Trained in the psychology of colour and having extensive experience in both interior and exterior design, means Isabel has been involved in assisting people with their colour and design choices since 1984. Three decades of design involvement, including over ten years of branding products, business and individuals has fine tuned her acute eye for the visual aesthetics of shape, colour and form.

Being fully qualified as a life coach perfectly compliments Isabel’s design experience and further positions her to help people gain maximum impact through the visual and verbal message they portray.

Her approach is open, honest and direct. With a delving mind and inspirational ideas, Isabel has the astute ability to really ‘get’ her clients.

Isabel’s knowledge of colour, personality, business positioning and design helps people to discover and develop their own compelling and marketable brand, based on their passion. This enables them to open the door to the amazing potential of a truly fulfilling future – doing what they love best, every day!

Isabel Gainford has built her company based on the principles of listening and responding to clients. Consequently, Isabel is able to tailor a hands-on personal service. She also offers one-to-one mentoring and group weekend workshops. With further links to supreme masters in the industries of online marketing and influence, Isabel is able to provide a bespoke service that is perfectly shaped to your personal circumstances.

This unique offering has established Isabel’s place in the branding industry allowing her to make a distinctive, substantial and profitable impact for her clients.