Why Brand?


Good branding is often an overlooked element in the attention people give to their business. So why is your brand and branding identity such a critical factor? Think about this …


CBW - WorkhorseA proven way to establish visibility is to create a distinct, memorable and compelling business brand


People invariably want the same thing. They want to combine what they love doing, with wealth creation, in a purposeful way. All too often, what is missing is finding a way to fill the gap between vision and reality. For that you need to get out there … you need to get visible. In other words, you and your business need to be ready, willing and able to show your face to the outside world.

Amazingly … 72% of Nike’s equity value is attributed to their brand alone!

Let’s take a closer look at the dictionary definition of those three words – DISTINCT, MEMORABLE & COMPELLING – the same three words that consistently come up time and again when I ask clients what it is that they want from their brand:

DISTINCT – recognisably different and set apart by virtue of a notable element

MEMORABLE – worth remembering significantly by being outstanding or unusual

COMPELLING – evoking interest, attention, or admiration in a powerfully magnetic way

So, by combining these definitions, it becomes clear how to generate a truly effective brand … and who doesn’t want that for their business?



CBW - IgnoreBranding is based on the principle that you are being perceived by others all the time.


This is, of course, especially critical when it comes to your business. As the saying goes, how you do anything is how you do everything. It makes sense then, to pay attention to the perception you are generating and to engineer that perception in such a way so as to not only create the right impression, but also to convey the message you intend.

Branding enables the engineering of that perception and therefore can create the magnetism you desire.









CBW - Create a brandSo, How Can You Get It Right?


The way in which you can shape the message you convey is to orchestrate the right influences on how you are being perceived. Perception is the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through your senses. Think of you and your business … What is the message you really want to convey?

A person’s perception of you begins the very first time they come into any form of contact with you:

  • It may when they ‘Google’ for your expertise and finding themselves on your website
  • It could be via a business card they pick up from a display stand
  • Maybe they overhear a third party talking about you
  • Or perhaps they meet you in person in a business environment, or even at a party in a social scenario



CBW - Feet


What If You Don’t Choose To Engineer This Perception For Yourself?


How are you and your business coming across in each of these scenarios? Not the impression you THINK you make, but the one THEY think you make! Because the reality is, you are advertising your brand in every single one of these scenarios. And here’s even more of an eye opener

Your brand image actually resides in the minds of others through their perception of you and therefore your image actually belongs to them!

So, what’s the answer? The answer is to project your own unique magnetism in all your communications, whether they be –

  • VISUAL – what is seen
  • VERBAL – what is heard
  • WRITTEN – what is read, or
  • FELT – what is experienced

And this is how I work with you to create your own identity and brand image. By really understanding you, ‘getting’ you and working closely together with you, you watch your brand developing right before your eyes, you become fully engaged in the process and hugely connected with the result. This, I believe, is what distinguishes me, my mission and YOU from the rest.


CBW - The Real YouI am passionate about helping people with a heart felt ambition to brand themselves in a way that is both intrinsic to them AND compelling to their clients.

Through extensive training and experience in colour, coaching and design, I have noticed that many entrepreneurs unwittingly send out mixed messages, not in line with who they really are. This situation arises due to at least one of the following:

  • an incoherent branding concept
  • a fundamental misunderstanding of how they come across to others
  • an erratic use of colour
  • the use of inappropriate or confused messages
  • poor business positioning

My role is to understand the message that you are wanting to convey and provide a cohesive and compelling solution, ensuring you are perceived from all angles in the way that you intend.




CBW - Still ExistsBut don’t just take my word for it. Take a look around and see for yourself …


So what next?

From this point on, it’s down to you to do what it takes to get your business purpose, message and identity in congruent unison. Try asking yourself AND writing down the answers to the following questions:

Why might I choose to deny myself a HUGE ADVANTAGE IN MY MARKETPLACE?

What is it that stops me from wanting to CREATE COHESIVE VISIBILITY?


And what if I NOW CHOOSE to ignore all this and continue as I am?


I want to enable you to wake up with energy and excitement and go to bed grateful for the life you’ve carved out for yourself. I want to be instrumental in ensuring you leave your own legacy, above and beyond even your own aspirations. My mission in life is to prevent you from looking back on your years and saying, “If only …!”

Ultimately, there’s just one thing that needs answering …


Are You Now Ready, Willing And Able To Go Ahead And

Claim Your Own Distinct, Memorable And Compelling Brand …?


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